Chill out with warm-weather movies during the arctic express |

Chill out with warm-weather movies during the arctic express

Shirley McMarlin
Need a warm-weather movie to take the chill out of the arctic express? The steamy antics of Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon in 'Bull Durham' could heat things up.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

With the arctic express blasting Western Pennsylvania today and tomorrow, it’s a good time to grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket and curl up on the couch with a good movie.

Forget about “Frozen” and “The Ice Storm,” though — now is the time for a warm-weather movie to remind you that spring is only 48 days away.

Here’s an eclectic list of 10 movies (in alphabetical order) to get you started:

1. 50 First Dates (2004, PG-13) — Adam Sandler plays a man afraid of commitment until he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore). Unfortunately, she has short-term memory loss and doesn’t remember him from day to day. But at least it’s set in Hawaii.

2. Bad Boys (1995, R) — Two hip Miami detectives, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, investigate the theft of $100 million of seized Mafia heroin from a secure police vault. Was it an inside job?

3. Blue Crush (2002, PG-13) — Hard-core surfer girl Kate Bosworth gets distracted by her feelings for a football player as she prepares for a big competition.

4. Blue Hawaii (1961, PG) — Returning to Hawaii after a stint in the army, Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) goes to work as a tour guide instead of joining the family business. Conflict and singing on the beach ensue.

5. Bull Durham (1988, R) — Fangirl Susan Sarandon messes with the heads of a North Carolina minor league pitcher (Tim Robbins) and the older player brought in to mentor him (Kevin Costner).

6. Dirty Dancing (1987, PG-13) — Innocent Baby (Jennifer Grey) has the time of her life when she meets dance instructor Patrick Swayze while spending the summer at a Catskills resort.

7. Jaws (1975, PG) — A killer shark menaces the waters off a New England resort town, until the local sheriff, a marine biologist and a grisly old fisherman team up to hunt it down.

8. The Parent Trap (1988, PG) — Separated at birth and each raised by one of their parents, identical twins (played by Lindsay Lohan) meet at summer camp and scheme to get their parents back together.

9. Stand by Me (1986, R) — After learning that a stranger was killed near their rural homes, four Oregon boys (Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell) undertake a journey in the summer of 1959 to see the body.

10. Weekend at Bernie’s (1989, PG-13) — Two hapless salesmen (Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman) are invited to spend a weekend at their boss’s posh beach house — only the boss is dead, and they have to save their own lives by pretending that he is still alive. Or something like that.

If you make it through the list, you may have arrived at Saturday, when temperatures should creep up above freezing again.

Shirley McMarlin is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach her at 724-836-5750, [email protected] or via Twitter @shirley_trib.