Couch Brewery’s “Known Cheater” beer honors local Super Bowl controversy |
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Couch Brewery’s “Known Cheater” beer honors local Super Bowl controversy

Jacob Tierney
Couch Brewery
Couch Brewery’s New England Style IPA was temporarily renamed “Known Cheater” in honor of a local Super Bowl controversy.

A Pittsburgh brewery poked fun at a local Super Bowl controversy with a beer called “Known Cheater” in honor of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the former KDKA producer who took a now-infamous jab at him.

Couch Brewery co-owner Darren Gailey said he was surprised to see the joke take off, drawing plenty of attention from customers and on social media.

“Apparently it caught a little bit of traction,” he said.

Rather than concoct a new brew for the occasion, the brewery temporarily renamed its “Lunar Module” New England IPA.

“We just had a little bit of fun with it,” Gailey said.

The week before the Super Bowl, a graphic on KDKA news that was supposed to identify Tom Brady as “Patriots quarterback” instead read “Known Cheater.”

The producer responsible, Michael Telek, 27, of Baldwin, was fired.

The joke drew national attention, and divided social media, with some defending Telek’s joke and others saying the station made the right choice to fire him.

Telek told the Tribune-Review that he was trying to be “playful,” and that his mistake cost him his “dream job.”

A GoFundMe page started in Telek’s name by his friends has raised almost $3,000 as of Friday afternoon. Telek said he plans to donate the money to charity.

The company announced the renamed beer on its Facebook page by praising Telek.

“Join us in raising a glass to the man who took ‘taking one for the team’ seriously,” it wrote. “Pittsburgh salutes you and your bravery.

Telek responded with a comment.

“I appreciate the support, guys,” his comment said. “I’m a big fan of your brews, so let me know if you’re hiring.”

Gailey said Telek has visited Couch Brewery to pick up a four-pack of “Known Cheater.”

Gailey said he was planning to switch the name back to “Lunar Module” by the end of this week, but the unexpected popularity of “Known Cheater” has him considering keeping it around a bit longer.

“We’re just waiting for some pub in New England to name a beer after Ben Roethlisberger,” he said.

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