Girl Scouts kicking off 2019 cookie campaign on Jan. 4 |
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Girl Scouts kicking off 2019 cookie campaign on Jan. 4

Mary Pickels
Ken Reabe Jr. | For The Tribune-Review
Bella Topole (left) and Emily Ruggieri, both age 9, review their plans as they canvas their Southwest Greensburg neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies and taking donations for cookies on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017. This year's cookie selling campaign starts on Jan. 4.
Girl Scout Tagalong cookies.
Girl Scout Thin Mints
Girl Scout Trefoil cookies
Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies
Toffee-tastic Girl Scout cookies
Do-Si-Do Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Samoas cookies
Girl Scout S'mores cookies

With Christmas cookies so last year already, the Girl Scouts of America are gearing up to snag our new year’s sweet tooth. The annual sale begins Jan. 4, and the cookies sell for $5 a box.

The cookies have been the go-to fundraiser for Girl Scout troops since 1917. Proceeds from the sales fund everything from community projects to troop travel, outdoor adventures and educational programming.

Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania does not have a new cookie this year, says spokeswoman Stefanie Marshall. The nonprofit utilizes two bakers, and one introduced a gluten free Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie this year, currently unavailable in this region, Marshall says.

The most recent addition in Western Pennsylvania was 2016’s introduction of the S’more cookie. The Girl Scouts Toffee-tastic cookie, sold by local Girl Scouts, is gluten free, Marshall adds.

Girl Scout cookie loyalists often clamor for Thin Mints, crisp wafers, coated in chocolate, flavored with natural peppermint oil. In fact, some may find them too irresistible.

Others, though, take a pass on the minty treats.

Well, we all have our favorites.

Tagalongs are the cookie of choice for fans of the collision of peanut butter and chocolate. In fact, some use their favorite little dessert to make even bigger desserts.

Caramel and coconut lovers like Samoas, which come with stripes of dark chocolate.

They clearly top this guy’s cookie list.

Traditionalists may prefer Trefoils, with their buttery shortbread flavor. Definitely don’t text while driving. Keeping a box of cookies nearby, though, might make the commute more civilized.

Peanut butter oatmeal sandwich cookies, minus the chocolate? You want to request the Do-Si-Dos. And don’t argue with this tweeter.

Savannah Smiles, a crispy lemon cookie with a dusting of powdered sugar, might even deserve the description of palate cleanser, there being a bit of citrus flavor and all. We’ll go with that.

And apparently they go well with adult beverages.

Toffee-tastic boast toffee. For most of us, enough said. And, they are gluten free. And apparently popular with at least one Brit boy band member.

Think campfires and making those graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow sandwiches are fun? The Girl Scouts have you covered with their own version of S’mores, introduced in 2016 in celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

They seem to send some cookie lovers on the hunt.

And if you’re winter camping, and want the “recipe” for s’mores, here you go.

No matter where they are bought or sold, this City of Brotherly Love tweeter wants to make sure we know our Girl Scout cookie history.

Need to find some cookies of your own? Click here.