‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress unhappy with United Airlines |

‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress unhappy with United Airlines

Mary Pickels
Facebook | Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik has an unhappy flying - or nonflying - experience with United Airlines.

“The Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik took to Twitter and Instagram to express her displeasure after claiming she was unable to board a United Airlines flight on Sunday night.

Bialik was in Pittsburgh over the weekend for a previously announced visit to offer support to the city’s Jewish community following the Tree of Life synagogue shootings in October.

Her trip apparently began on a high note, as she posted on Instagram about the “pretty” snow during a Denver layover.

Things apparently took a turn for the worse in Houston, where she was trying to make a flight home to Los Angeles.

She questions why her “little suitcase” will not fit, and though she says she holds a first class ticket she adds she was willing to sit in any of the “open seats” on the plane.

Bialik gos on to question if the crew member’s alleged decision to deny her boarding was personal, or if she was having a “bad day.”

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Ok @united airlines. i know I barely made my connecting flight. But I made it despite your delays making me late. And you turned me away as you let 5 other people on from my connecting flight because I had a carry on suitcase. They had carry ons too. I understand everything was shut but that lady stewardess didn’t have to shut the boarding door like she did in my face without even saying she was sorry. Or with 7 min left she could have made a small effort to try harder since she said there were “plenty of seats open.” Maybe she hates the Big Bang theory. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she hates women who look like they’re going to cry. Now my suitcase is broken from running so hard and aggressively, my asthma is super angry and random people think I’m a prima donna because as she shut the door I said “I have a first class seat!” I didn’t mean I deserve it more, I meant can my suitcase sit in my first class seat and I’ll sit anywhere else? Not a good day for me and @united .

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At least one fan expresses his outrage at her alleged treatment.

While at least one wonders if Bialik expects “star treatment.”

Apparently all ends well, with Bialik eventually landing in California.

In a USA Today story, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin states, “We were able to get Ms. Bialik on the next flight to Los Angeles and we are reviewing what happened with our team in Houston.”

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