Touring Leonardo da Vinci exhibition heads to Carnegie Science Center |
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Touring Leonardo da Vinci exhibition heads to Carnegie Science Center

Mary Pickels

Carnegie Science Center, One Allegheny Ave., Pittsburgh, will host the touring “Da Vinci The Exhibition” at its PPG Science Pavilion beginning on Feb. 16.

The exhibition examines the “original Renaissance man’s” life and his achievements as an artist, scientist, engineer, researcher and inventor.

Included will be 60 life-size reproductions of da Vinci’s inventions, 20 detailed art replicas and dozens of displays highlighting his innovations in art, engineering, flight, hydraulics, music, light and more, center officials state.

While da Vinci is most widely known for his art, visitors will learn about his advanced understanding of science, mathematics, nature and the relationships among the three. His intricate designs and extraordinary early concepts are spotlighted, including his designs for the tank, scuba gear, crane, clock and submarine, and his plan for a modern city.

Trained artisans utilized a modern translation of da Vinci’s unique mirrored writing style in an ancient Florentine dialect to handcraft full-scale models and bring to life his two-dimensional plans.

The exhibition investigates his role as inventor and a collection of his most renowned paintings, including some controversial works traditionally attributed to him, but not yet authenticated. Patrons can study the artistic mastery behind “Mona Lisa,” “The Last Supper,” “Portrait of a Young Man,” “Virgin of the Rocks,” “St. John the Baptist” and more.

Visitors can explore 31 hands-on exhibits and a series of activity tables designed by science center staff and based on the invention and art concepts depicted, such as flight, gears, mirror writing and figure drawing.

Timed tickets for the exhibition are $19.95 for adults, $17.95 for seniors and $15.95 for children; fee with science center general admission is $29.90, $24.90 and $21.90, respectively.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 2.

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A touring exhibition showcasing the life and achievements of Leonardo da Vinci will open at the Carnegie Science Center on Feb. 16.