Albino raccoon makes regular Aleppo appearance |

Albino raccoon makes regular Aleppo appearance

An albino raccoon
An albino raccoon

An albino raccoon shows up nearly every day at Cathy Baloga’s home. The creature started coming around when the Aleppo resident fed birds in the afternoon. Now, she says, his favorite treat is a sandwich.

Warden Matt Kramer of the Pennsylvania Game Commission said albinism — a group of inherited disorders characterized by little or no melanin production — is relatively rare, but is found in any mammal. He has even seen it in black bears. The cases that are most reported are of animals that are hunted, such as deer and turkey.

In his 11-year career, Kramer has seen other albino raccoons.

“When looking for true albinism, two good indicators are a pink nose and pink around the eyes,” said Kramer, adding that the raccoon visiting Baloga has those characteristics.

Kramer discouraged anyone from feeding wild animals.

“Raccoons have a high incidence of disease, including but not limited to rabies,” he said. “Any feeding of wildlife is discouraged.”