More than four tons of deli meats and cheeses donated to local food bank |

More than four tons of deli meats and cheeses donated to local food bank

Bob Bauder
Dietz & Watson Inc., a Philadelphia deli meats and cheese company, has packed up 9,000 pounds of food for donation to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food bank is getting a sizable donation Thursday – about four and a half tons – from a Philadelphia company specializing in deli meats and cheeses.

This is the third year that Dietz & Watson Inc. has donated to the Duquesne-based food bank at the suggestion of its major retail customer, Giant Eagle. The company has packed up about 9,000 pounds of deli turkey, chicken and ham, sliced cheddar cheese, chicken sausages, all-beef franks and Italian sopresatta and will drop it off Thursday morning at the food bank.

The load is worth about $45,000, according to Dietz & Watson.

“This donation of fresh meat and cheeses is something that’s highly sought after by the people we serve,” said Justin Lee, the food bank’s chief operating officer.

He said the food would be stored among the organization’s inventory and available to more than 400 partner agencies in 11 counties.

“It is unusual in having a partner that really wants to make this as a regular donation,” Lee said. “We’re thankful for that partnership.”

Dietz & Watson spokesman Stephen Riley said the company conducts a promotion every November and December and calculates charitable donations based upon increased sales. It partners with other large retailers across the country to determine what charity receives a donation.

He said the company donated more than $70,000 to local charities last year through the Families Helping Families program.

“We have a great relationship with Giant Eagle, one that goes all the way back to the founding of the food bank, and Giant Eagle suggested that they partner with us on this donation,” said Charla Irwin-Buncher, the food bank’s director of development and donor relations.

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