Quaker Valley athlete of the week: Jasiah Bertiaux |

Quaker Valley athlete of the week: Jasiah Bertiaux

Shawn Annarelli
The 2018-19 Quaker Valley bowling team includes in front, from left, Ashlyn Lang, Caleb McCandless, Reid Palmer, Adi Gunter, Dean Dailey and Brenton Besong; in back, Leighanna Palmer, Potter Oliver, Avery Hopkins, Evan Gallagher, isiah Piatt, Jasiah Bertiaux, Jaycob Meanor and James Havens.

Jasiah Bertiaux

School: Quaker Valley

Sport: Bowling

Class: Senior

Claim to fame: A weekly night out at the bowling alley turned into a four-year journey for three of the seniors on Quaker Valley’s bowling team.

Jasiah Betiaux recently stepped up for the team with the match-high average of 178. The Quakers’ win against Nazareth Prep clinched a berth in the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Bowling League playoffs.

You had the high average of the match a few days ago. Why was that one of your best days?

Each lane is usually a little bit different. The oil is different on every lane, so I felt where I was the oil was just going with my ball a little bit better. I don’t remember which lane I was in, but we were at Pines Plaza.

Do you remember the first time you bowled?

I don’t know. I was probably like 6 or 7 years old, but I didn’t take much interest in it until high school. I started going out to bowl with my friends a little bit until we decided to join the team. That’s when I got really interested in bowling.

Are those friends still a part of the team?

Yeah. James Havens and Jaycob Meanor are still on the varsity team with me, and they also have really high averages. They’re really good bowlers. We would just be going to Fair Oaks almost every week, and we wanted to be on the Quaker Valley bowling team so that we had a league to be in.

It started out as something fun to do with friends. At what point did you take bowling seriously?

Once I figured out how to keep my ball under control and how I could curve it more, that’s when I really started to like it. That was probably in the middle of my ninth-grade year.

What style of bowling do you approach the game with?

On my run up I start off with two hands on the bowling ball, take my one hand off when I bring the ball back and throw with one hand, but without my thumb in. I just use my two fingers in the front of the bowling ball. I don’t like the feeling of throwing with my thumb in, and I can’t curve the ball as well.

You’re coming up on your last few matches at Quaker Valley. What have you enjoyed most about being on this team?

My friends being together all these years. It’s something we’ve been doing every week together for a long time, and it never gets old.

Shawn Annarelli is a freelance writer.