Remember When: 1947 |

Remember When: 1947


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72 years ago:

• Seventeen representatives of local civic organizations organized the first joint Advisory Health Council for the Sewickley, Edgeworth and Osborne school districts. The council was formed to ensure the thoroughness of medical and dental exams given to area schoolchildren. Such exams had been required by state law since 1911, but oversight was lax. A 1945 law sought to address this loophole by requiring complete medical and dental exams for all students every two years, beginning in first grade.

• St. Stephen Episcopal Church was set to host the World Day of Prayer, a non-denominational worship event first begun in 1920 by the United Council of Church Women to support missions in foreign countries. Offerings collected at the service would go to four of the organization’s current mission projects.

• Giant Eagle on Beaver Street advertised fancy broccoli, 19 cents per bunch; navel oranges, 59 cents for three dozen; and iceberg lettuce, two heads for 27 cents.

• Sewickley native Albert Valenzi was one of the grooms in a noteworthy triple wedding the previous week at St. Joseph Church in Coraopolis. Valenzi married Virginia Dinell, the sister of the other two grooms, Joseph and Lawrence. The three couples also honeymooned together in New York and planned to settle in the same apartment building on their return.

Melanie Linn Gutowski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.