Leechburg Area students thriving at Lenape Tech |
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Leechburg Area students thriving at Lenape Tech

George Guido

Leechburg Area students continue to thrive at Lenape Technical School.

That’s the word from Wesley Kuchta, administrative director at the vocational technical school in Manor Township.

“In 2018, 12 of the 13 seniors from Leechburg achieved advanced or proficient on national exams,” Kuchta said. “Our students average just below 90 percent.”

Kuchta also said that about 55 percent of the students pursue post-secondary education while others join the military or go out into the workforce.

Accompanying Kuchta to his annual presentation at Leechburg Area were students Samantha Smith and Alan Knepshield of Leechburg.

Smith is taking cosmetology courses and will attend Butler County Community College next year.

“My mother and I recently sat down with local salon owners and industry reps,” said Smith, who is also a member of the school’s Occupational Advisory Committee.

Knepshield is taking precision machinery courses and will soon enter a four-year apprenticeship. He can go to school and work a half-day at Penn United.

Kuchta stressed that students get certification in various fields, such as Knepshield, who has seven industrial certifications.

“We want every student who walks through the door to get multiple certifications,” Kuchta said.

George Guido is a freelance writer.