Spray paint defaces veterans’ memorial in Brackenridge |
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Spray paint defaces veterans’ memorial in Brackenridge

Chuck Biedka

Someone used silver spray paint to deface the bronze on the veterans monument in Brackenridge Memorial Park.

Who did it and why is unknown — for now.

“Someone took it upon themselves in the middle of the night to come to Memorial Park to spray paint all of original bronze,” Councilman Dino Lopreiato said.

The monument is only about 15-feet away from the iconic castle arch. Both sit in narrow park, which is situated between the Allegheny River and First Avenue.

“We are astounded. We are very upset,” Lopreiato said.

“Look at this — you can see where they shook up their spray cans, and there’s paint on veterans’ names,” Lopreiato said.

“It’s a sad day,” added Brackenridge American Legion Post Commander Frank Svitek, whose Legion post is directly across the street from the monuments.

Paint dripped onto many of the more than 1,000 raised bronze names of borough men and women who served in the military during wartime.

The vandal or vandals were sloppy enough that silver splotches splattered on American flags and an artificial flower arrangement in the ground next to the monument.

The Brackenridge Legion had already given money to a borough improvement group to refurbish the monument.

“Now, it will apparently cost more,” Svitek said.

He is soliciting money from Alle-Kiski Valley residents.

The vandal apparently took the time to reach the top of the monument.

“Look at this. They had to have a ladder,” Lopreiato lamented, shaking his head.

“They painted the bronze eagle and even the bronze grave markers on the flags, he said.”

The eagle statue and the markers are more than 10-feet above the base of the monument.

A light illuminates the monument at night. Svitek theorizes that whoever is responsible probably did it between 12 to 6 a.m. and they likely were not alone.

“Someone was probably watching out and they ducked behind the monument when someone was driving past,” Lopreiato added.

Lopreiato wants this message to be understood.

“If there is something you don’t like, come to the borough office and tell someone. Or come to a meeting. You will be heard. Don’t do something like this,” he implored.

Chuck Biedka is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Chuck at 724-226-4711, [email protected] or via Twitter @ChuckBiedka.

Chuck Biedka | Tribune-Review
A large bronze plaque on the Brackenridge veterans memorial is now coated in silver spray paint - much to to chagrin of borough officials and members of the American Legion Post across the street on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.
This Brackenridge American Legion file photo shows the bright bronze on the memorial in the 1970s.
Chuck Biedka | Cat1: News
Brackenridge American Legion Commander Frank Svitek on Feb. 15, 2019 holds a photo showing what the veterans memorial looked like in the 1970s. Much of the bronze has been coated with silver spray paint and must to be repaired.
Chuck Biedka | Tribune-Review
Brackenridge Borough Councilman Dom Lopreiato points to silver paint on the eagle, and other bronze on the veterans’ memorial along East First Avenue on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. The painting was done without permission and is damaging the porous bronze, he said.