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When you make risotto, you don’t add all the broth at once, just a little at a time so the rice can fully absorb it. The same principle should be applied to immigration.

It would be better to regulate the immigration rate to a limited number (perhaps thousands instead of tens of thousands) at a time so immigrants can assimilate, learn the language (no “PC” rules like dual labeling permitted) and the culture (although they may retain those parts of their culture, religion, etc., that aren’t counter to ours), and take citizenship classes to learn our history and what good citizenship means. Additionally, because of their limited number, they could be more easily absorbed into society and the workforce.

Writing about the Roman Empire in his 1950 book “The Age of Faith,” prescient historian Will Durant observed, “The higher birth rate outside the Empire, and the higher standard of living within it, made immigration or invasion a manifest destiny for the Roman Empire as it is for America today.” For Rome, that destiny turned out to be the demise of the empire.

President Obama would profit from reading a little history and learning something from it, but, unfortunately, O the Magnificent’s goal is more voters, not better citizens. That doesn’t bode well for America.

William R. Casey

West Mifflin

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