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Bible under attack

The modern world has put the Christian Bible under attack:

• In New York City, the school board does not allow the Nativity scene but allows the Jewish menorah and the Islam star and moon emblem in classrooms.

• There is an online magazine that calls for radical Islamic jihadists to kill Christians. Some Muslims believe the Quran — the Muslim Bible — teaches them to kill anyone who refuses to convert to their religion.

• Pastors in some Christian churches increasingly are fearful they may have to let the government review their sermons for sexual discrimination or other things deemed intolerant.

Insulting and disrespecting the deeply held religious beliefs of Christians is fair game. The prejudice against Christianity is loud and clear.

Judge Robert Bork, in his book “Slouching toward Gomorrah,” states, “Why does America feel God won’t punish them? If He doesn’t, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Western civilization was founded upon the Bible’s principles. Much of our thought, wisdom, philosophy, literature, art and ideals come from the Christian Bible. We even determine our dates in history by B.C. and A.D.

We are living in a godless America. Beware the wrath of God!

Maris Sanner


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