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In his letter “Intelligent discussion overdue” , the Rev. Jeffrey J. Noble states that the Catholic Church “has changed with the time, problems and people of every era.” These are hollow words; he fails to cite specific changes made to the essence of Catholic dogma.

In an era dominated by modernism, it is only logical that those who believe in and aspire to implement an evolution of the essentials of dogma will attempt to convince all that such change is good and true. In this instance, the underlying theme to justify change is mercy. The proponents for this change attempt to project the idea that mercy is a new concept, heretofore unknown in the history of Catholicism. Pope Francis is the antithesis of Pope Pius X.

Many clerics beat the drum of modernism in an effort to erode the prohibitions of the magisterium regarding the intrinsic evils and objective disorders. It is a game of inches and takes many years to fully implement. Objectivity is to be abolished and replaced by subjectivity. Good and evil are to be blurred while the concept of sin is abolished.

Speak for yourself, Father Noble. Many of us are not confused by the issues.

Peter A. Caruso

West Mifflin

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