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Rehearsing a scene for “Finn McCool and His Fearless Wife” are (from left) Jordan Hosfelt, Sophia Jones and Josh Soltis.

Telling a fib or two to make yourself look smart or interesting may seem harmless to many, but when you continue to tell tall truths, you may find yourself in hot water, as is the case with the title character in “Finn McCool and His Fearless Wife,” a comedy being staged by the senior class at Connellsville Area High School for the annual fall play.

“I liked the idea of it and the premise of the plot,” faculty play adviser David Hartz said of the show, set in the town of Limerick, Ireland, and featuring a fun cast of Irish characters, such as a trio of devious leprechauns, sneaky relatives, the town hypochondriac and many more. “I have always loved everything Irish.”

Hartz is directing his 11th show with the school and said that he always focuses on comedies for the students to do, not only for the entertainment value that is brought to the audience, but also for the challenge that it brings to the students who play the comedic roles.

“Comedy is all about timing, and sometimes that can be hard to achieve,” Hartz said. “If the timing is off, then it just doesn’t work. We have been working a lot on getting the timing down.”

Hartz said that comedies are always fun to do for the audiences, and the students enjoy getting laughs, even when they are not expected.

“People laugh sometimes when you’re not expecting it, but that’s fine,” Hartz said. “You always have to remember that no one in the audience knows what the script says, so they might find something funny that you never expected them to.”

Hartz said that the show was cast in the first week of October and the students have been very dedicated to rehearsals and to bringing the show to the stage.

“The students are really doing a fantastic job so far,” Hartz said. “Everything is really coming along great.”

Jordan Hosfelt will play the title character, Finn McCool, and said he is enjoying his experience with the role.

“It’s a fun role,” Hosfelt said. “I’ve never really played a role like this before.”

Hosfelt added that the character himself is unusual in the fact that he will do anything for attention and respect.

“I think that he lies so that people find him interesting,” Hosfelt said. “But he goes over the top and get himself in trouble.”

Sophia Jones will portray his clever wife, Oona, who has worked magic at times to get her truth-stretching husband out of binds.

“I just think that she is very much in love with him and wants to help him no matter what,” Jones said, adding that she thinks that older audiences will enjoy the show and the plot.

The show has a running time of about 90 minutes.

“It’s a fun show that I think will be good for all ages to enjoy,” Hartz said. “We always try to find shows that will be entertaining for everyone.”

The show will be staged at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are $5. The show will be staged in the high school auditorium.

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