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Susan dumps Patrick and decides she likes Steve. Steve desperately tries to get rid of his girlfriend, Jane, so he can date Susan. Susan’s best friend Sally is desperate for a man so she dates Patrick. Steve’s best friend Jeff tries to convince his co-worker Susan to keep their brief tryst a secret. So begins a beautiful six-way relationship.

That’s the whole premise of NBC’s new sitcom “Coupling.” All you need to know is “Coupling” revolves around sex. Who is sleeping with whom; who wants to sleep with whom; who did sleep with whom.

It’s apparent that “Coupling” tries to mimic the camaraderie of “Friends.” There are six people in the group, three women and three men. But “Coupling” relies on fast talk and juvenile humor. This show makes “Friends” seem like “Masterpiece Theatre.”

The most intelligent comment is Sally advising Patrick that “Not everything a woman says to you is necessarily flirting.”

Sally (Sonya Walger) tries to be the intellectual of the group. But her reasoning is often marred by her desperation to find a man and get married.

“We’re getting too old to be picky,” she tells Susan. “We’re not getting any younger.”

Susan (Rena Sofer) is the beautiful girl whom every man wants to be with. She dates Patrick for fun and good sex, and believes it’s OK for her to be unfaithful. But she immediately dumps him when he suggests he may have dated someone else.

Patrick (Colin Ferguson) is the pretty boy of the group. He’s good-looking and he knows it. But he is also a little insecure with the ladies.

Steve (Jay Harrington) is the regular guy who dreams of dating a girl like Susan but questions whether he is good enough to get her.

Jane (Lindsay Price) is Steve’s ex-girlfriend who refuses to end the relationship. “I can’t accept that,” she says every time he tells her it’s over. She is the token psycho who will do her best to interfere in all of Steve’s future relationships.

Jeff (Christopher Moynihan) is the geeky, but sweet guy who serves as a link between Steve and Susan.

“Coupling” makes men seem stupid and willing to do anything to see a woman naked. The women are shallow and desperate for a relationship.

Most of the lines are so embarrassing it is amazing the actors can say them. “Coupling” is a weak excuse to fill time between “Will & Grace” and “ER.”

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9:30 p.m. Tonight, NBC

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