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“Black Lagoon” Vol. 001

($29.99, Geneon, action for ages 16+)

In keeping with the pirates theme this week, the “Black Lagoon” anime stars modern bandits of the South East seas.

Imagine that your boss sends you on a business trip, transporting a disc with some super-sensitive info about illicit goings-on in the boardroom. You personally don’t care to know — you don’t want to lose your job — but someone else really does, and they send pirates after you.

Office drone Rokuro has the misfortune of being raided and kidnapped by pirates, including a trigger-happy, hot-tempered gunslinger dressed in way-up-there shorts. She’s a cold killer with looks that could kill; he’s a bit of a whiner who starts to wonder if his wage-slave life is worth going home to.

The premise and the action, not to mention the comedy and the growing sexual tension, hook you into the story. Good stuff.

The DVD also is available in a limited edition SteelBook Collector’s Case that will hold the three volumes and a bonus disc containing behind the scenes and other goodies.

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