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On Nov. 4, the silent majority spoke. The American people don’t approve of President Obama or his Democrat cohorts. I hope the Republicans have learned the correct lesson from the landslide victory.

If I wanted a bigger budget with a larger deficit, more government intrusion in my life and illegal immigrants on their way to becoming citizens who can vote Democrat, I would not have voted Republican. I am opposed to these actions and ObamaCare.

The Republican House has been accused of being obstructionist because it opposes these things. Thank God it stood firm against Obama. Our country could be in much worse trouble than it is.

Next year, Republicans will control both houses of Congress. They can begin to undo the damage caused by six years of Obama’s tyranny. Republican leaders should not try too hard to get along with Obama. It is time to present a more conservative agenda.

If both congressional houses pass a bill and send it to the president’s desk, he can sign it or veto it. I doubt if the Senate has the votes to override his veto, but Obama will look like the obstructionist. Also, the Republicans can point to bills they have passed and Obama failed to sign.

Politics is a nasty game, but a game with real-life consequences for hundreds of millions of people. The Republicans have won. They need to show me their words and promises mean something.

Kathleen Bollinger


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