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Help addicts more

The drug epidemic in Westmoreland and nearby counties hasn’t gone away, so why has it been placed on the back burner of discussion? We hear about drug busts and drug-related crimes but we never hear about anything positive being done to help the situation.

There have been many deaths related to the epidemic but what no one is talking about are the ones still alive and suffering every day to keep clean.

Why won’t Westmoreland County put in a rehab and halfway houses? Jeannette and Latrobe hospitals used to have inpatient floors and we used to have dual-diagnosis treatment with Westmoreland Mental Health. With all the busts, why can’t drug money be used for drug treatment?

There are doctors out there preying on people just so they can get richer. Parents, siblings, loved ones and spouses will keep fighting.

We need help now, not when it is convenient for government officials. Apparently, legalizing drugs is more important at this juncture.

My addict is still alive, fighting every day to stay here with us. Let’s give him and a generation of the same some hope and some change; I’m so tired of attending funerals for drug-related deaths.

T. Fry-Machesky

North Huntingdon

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