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The Undertaker, The Rock and The Shield all debuted for WWE at Survivor Series. Now we can add Sting to that list.

A middle-of-the-road two-hour show was capped off with an Attitude Era-like booked finish for the main event between Team Cena and Team Authority.

The main event was booked with suspense, logic and surprise.

Rusev was protected. Big Show did what Big Show always does: turned heel. Cena shocked us by getting eliminated and was not the final member left on his team. Dolph Ziggler was made to look like Shawn Michaels of 1996. He was unstoppable. The only thing that could stop him was Triple H continuing to knock referees out.

Enter Sting.

He’s the biggest name who has never been on WWE television until now. The moment was perfect. Nothing was rushed. Oftentimes in wrestling, we see things move too fast. The talents don’t absorb the moment and let the moment happen. I’ve been guilty of this as a performer.

With Sting standing in front of Triple H, it was milked for the right amount of time.

This is your WrestleMania 31 match if you hadn’t already pieced it together.

But how they will make this last until WrestleMania? Does Sting become the new authority figure in charge? Will we see him only at pivotal pay-per-view moments between now and WrestleMania? There are a lot of questions, but they are good questions.

I watched Survivor Series in a public setting around a lot of wrestling fans. I don’t like doing it too often, but when I do, I use it as a chance to gauge the typical wrestling fan’s state of mind.

My conclusion from Sunday night was nothing was memorable in the undercard, but everyone is going home buzzing about the entertaining finish, Ziggler’s push and the long-awaited appearance of Sting.

WWE gave this whole month and this Survivor Series away for free for new people to try the WWE Network. I don’t think there is a better use of freedom than a main event like that.

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