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TNA wrestling has announced as of 2015 they will be airing on Destination America.

What’s Destination America?

After looking it up on Google, I discovered it’s part of Discovery Communications, which also owns Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and the Oprah Winfrey Network, among others.

For Destination America, this a good grab. Despite the critique in content quality with TNA, it still gets a million people watching every week. That’s low by wrestling standards but high by overall television standards. It’s always positive when a network can continue to get 1 million people coming back each week to watch.

The kicker? Those 1 million watched TNA when it was on Spike TV. Destination America is in 59 million households, which is roughly 52 percent of American households according to TV By The Numbers. This is in comparison to Spike TV, which is in more than 97 million homes and extends to Canada.

Spike TV didn’t promote TNA well. Destination America probably feel likes the guy who got a date with the girl who he never thought he had a chance with. TNA has got to be the programming that Destination America will build around. But again, who is watching or aware of the channel?

This isn’t a step forward for TNA.

Financial details weren’t announced in the news release, but I find it hard to believe TNA was able to get more money than what its deal with Spike TV provided. If it went to a smaller network for less money because that was the only option it had, this is just delaying the inevitable.

I don’t wish for the inevitable, because more wrestling for the genre, fans and the wrestlers. However, you can’t avoid reality. TNA had a lot of years on Spike TV, and hit its peak years ago in terms of quality, talent and ratings. That was its run and was the closest it came to being competitive in the wrestling market.

If TNA was smart, it would have combined resources with a Ring of Honor a long time ago. Trade talent, cross-promote and maybe even work the fans at the beginning with an invasion-type angle. No harm could come from it. Instead, both sides are busy acting like they are comfortable in their current positions.

TNA has an opportunity to hit the reset button and have a successful campaign during this new chapter—for, well, whoever is still watching.

Justin LaBar is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. He can be reached at 412-320-7949 or [email protected].

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