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Laurel: To the Allegheny Institute. The think tank calls into serious question the methodology of a Toledo, Ohio, Block Bugler series that says the region’s supposedly poor air quality is killing us in “excess” numbers. So, was the series “science” or a sop to the social re-engineering crowd• Consider it a rhetorical question.

Lance: To the Port Authority. Is Allegheny County’s mass-transit agency so hobbled by its union contract that it can’t schedule drivers to work special shuttles for Steelers playoffs games and has to rely on volunteers• That’s dis servicing the public. And it’s no way to run a railroad.

Laurel: To the rule of law prevailing. That means sanctioning Allegheny County officials who, by hook or by crook, are steadfastly attempting to thwart a court-ordered reassessment of properties, long frozen in inequity by pols who insist they want to help the poor by shafting them.

Lance: To Luke Ravenstahl & Dan Onorato. Allegheny County’s top two elected officials, both Democrats, did not attend Tuesday’s inauguration of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett. The mayor previously had scheduled personal time off. The executive sent a representative. Skiing and sulking aren’t very becoming excuses. Ahem.

Laurel: To Patrice King Brown. After 33 years at KDKA-TV, the anchor and host of other programs is retiring at month’s end. There’s never been a nicer person in the business and probably never will be. And that’s no hyperbole. We wish this class act the best as she spends more time with her family.

Lance: To government interventionism. Four years after Pittsburgh was allowed to seize, through eminent domain, the Garden Theatre, an adult theater on the North Side, government types continue to struggle to find a supposedly community-enhancing, tax-producing “better use”• What a joke, as per usual.

Lance: To the U.S. Postal Service. It’s North Side (Federal Street) post office continues to be plagued by long lunch-hour delays with only one clerk on duty. Here’s a “forever” lance, in honor of those denominationless “forever” stamps that don’t remind you that you’re not getting what you pay for.

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