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Vanquishers and vanquished alike would be wise to remember the words of John F. Kennedy, words that JFK adviser and speechwriter Ted Sorensen, who died Sunday, reminded us of in an interview with the Trib last year: “So let us begin anew — remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness.” … A nationwide poll of 760 union members (private and government by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation) concluded “that 60 percent of union members oppose their union bosses’ political spending” leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections. Perhaps the union members should go on strike against those bosses. … On the eve of yesterday’s balloting, pollster Scott Rasmussen delivered to Republicans a sobering assessment: The election’s result would not be so much a vote for or against the GOP or the Democrats but “a rejection of a bipartisan political elite that’s lost touch with the people they are supposed to serve. … (V)oters don’t want to be governed from the left, the right, or even the center,” he wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “They want someone in Washington who understands that the American people want to govern themselves.” And pity any winner who, in this climate, forgets it.

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