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In his column “Voting, guns & taxes” (July 28 and TribLIVE.com), Joseph Sabino Mistick proposes we discontinue verification of voters and expand background checks for gun purchases, actions of equal importance for ensuring our freedom.

Why should I have to provide identification and undergo a background check to purchase a firearm and you not have to verify your eligibility to vote?

I find that a far larger percentage of gun owners are more informed and responsible in the use of their guns than are voters. I submit that a smaller number of guns are misused than votes.

Just review how many elected officials have been convicted of a variety of misdeeds. Add immoral deeds that carry no criminal prosecution and the percentage is quite high.

That doesn’t even factor in how many vote contrary to the wishes of the majority of their constituents. Our president has ignored or circumvented laws as he wishes and has not been removed from office.

We have the right to protect ourselves from harm, regardless of where we are. If this means lethal force, then so be it.

I place far more trust in those purchasing firearms than in those duped into voting for dishonest representation. Even if they are misinformed or given skewed data, they should have no problem providing a positive ID.

It is required to drive, purchase tobacco and alcohol, enter many places, etc. Let’s require it to vote and not for firearm purchases.

Allen Clark

Bell Township

Westmoreland County

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