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Father’s Day is on the horizon (June 16) and, while the role many fathers play today has evolved, the love children have always felt for their fathers remains — sometimes for traditional reasons, sometimes for more contemporary ones.

More than 70 million men in the United States have children. Here are the lucky children of some of them:

“When my father says he is going to do something, he always does. He never lets me down.”

— Jimmy, 12

“My father lets me do fun things that my mother won’t let me do, but he always tells me, ‘Don’t tell your mother.’”

— Robyn, 9

“I love my father because he always takes time to play with me, even if he is tired. We play hockey up and down the hallway with brooms and tennis balls.”

— Kyle, 8

“He doesn’t yell when I get a bad grade. He patiently sits with me until I understand what I didn’t understand before. He will even go with me to talk to my teachers if I need to.”

— Sophie, 14

“He took me skiing and showed me how to do a snowplow so I wouldn’t fall going down the hill.”

— Malcolm, 6

“For my birthday, he slept over in my room and then got up early with me to play my favorite video games and eat waffles. It was so much fun.”

— Erica, 5

“My daddy tickles me.”

— Leslie, 2

“What I love most about my father is that he wants the best for me.”

— Skip, 16

Do your kids need a little helping answering what they love about their dads? Here are some prompts to help them think it through:

My Dad helps me …

My Dad is funny when …

My Dad likes to read … to me

My Dad is the Best Dad in the World because …

My Dad likes to play … with me.

My favorite thing to do with my Dad is …

I love my Dad best when …

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