Pennsylvanians speak out against energy pollution |
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Pennsylvanians speak out against energy pollution

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It’s time to clear the air. A new health report has uncovered hazy facts about pollution in Pennsylvania and across the country.

The report, Face to Face with Oil and Gas: Voices From the Front Lines of Oil and Gas Pollution , conducted released by the Moms Clean Air Force, details alarming facts about the impacts of oil and gas pollution across the country.

Millions of people are living with the ill effects of energy production, and, according to the report, the need to cut harmful methane gas emissions has never been greater.

Despite the dangers of pollution, the Trump administration is working to dismantle methane pollution prevention rules that were previously set in place to protect families from the gas industry’s harmful emissions. Consequently, families across the country are looking to their state’s to provide vital safeguards.

Across In Pennsylvania, people are speaking out about the need for stronger safeguards from the pollution caused by the oil and gas industry. A new public service announcement highlights some of these community members’ stories, as they speak out about personal experiences living in Pennsylvania towns heavily impacted by fracking.

Science shows that methane emissions, including natural gas, are significantly higher than what the industry is reporting; the real- life experiences of families living with oil and gas pollution show us that people are suffering. The good news is there is a huge opportunity to prevent companies from wasting valuable energy resources as we improve public health at the same time.

Methane is essentially natural gas, so companies in Pennsylvania can plug leaks, capture the emitted gas, and bring it to market to sell. Harmful pollutants like benzene are emitted right alongside methane, so plugging the leaks of methane helps to clean up the air quality for communities living both near and far from oil and gas operations.

Pennsylvania’s leaders should step up to protect our air

In June, Governor Wolf took the first crucial steps in limiting methane emissions by enacting , controls for new and modified sources of this dangerous pollution, and Moms Clean Air Force applauds this effort. But now it’s time for Wolf to finish the job and move forward quickly on common-sense standards for the more than 11,000 existing sources of natural gas pollution currently impacting the health and well-being of Pennsylvanians.

The federal government is going in reverse on methane. It’s now up to the state’s leaders to step up and stop the waste in the oil and gas industry, and protect the air Pennsylvania’s families breathe.

Watch the Public Service Announcement here.

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