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In response to “Down to Earth” (VND, Nov. 14): This is typical liberal bellyaching about monies being spent on nuances.

Those billions of dollars that were spent starting in the late 1950s up to present on the space program have yielded trillions of revenue dollars from new technology, materials and techniques developed initially for space but now used in everyday life.

Computers, plastics, metals and machining and welding techniques were all put on the fast track of development and now we enjoy the luxuries of that effort with our electronic gizmos, cars and practically everything else in a typical day.

That sounds like a pretty good return on investment to me. If we had spent that same money on social issues, we would have to add that to the total “War on Poverty,” which is in the trillions of dollars, and we still have millions of people living in poverty today to show for it.

Earth eventually is going to run out of resources (metals, minerals, fuels, etc.) and we need to start exploring options for replacing them now — not when the doomsday clock is at 11:59.

Mining the moon, comets and asteroids as well as colonizing other planets will be necessary for the future of mankind. After all, we have to replenish that hole we poked in the ozone layer with this wanton waste of money.

By the way, the Saturn V rockets used in the Apollo missions had many failures in testing, but they worked at launch time due to innovations, U.S. ingenuity and hard work.

Greg Massung

North Huntingdon

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