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Dear Editor:

My son has special needs and gets his education through the Intermediate Unit I program. The only school that these students could go to closed down and they are forced to travel clear to Brownsville to go to school. If that is not bad enough, now we are informed that the swimming program that these children get to participate in (once a week) will be ending after this first semester. I was told that funding is the reason.

That is the problem with the whole school system. We need people who actually care about the students to be working with them, not people who are more worried about how much they will get paid. It’s not only with the special needs children. How many students graduate and they cannot even read• I bet you would be surprised. It does not matter how good of a job these people do, as long as they show up for work that is all that matters. What is this world going to be like in five years. The way I look at it, the future generations do not have a chance and that is sad.

I just hope that the right person steps up to the plate before it is too late. My son and all the other students that are in that program are there for a reason. Swimming is a therapy and they need it. What is going to get taken off of them next• Our students deserve to get as much activity as they can to help them meet the goals in their IEPs. I would not be surprised if the special needs program is gone altogether in a couple of years. This is what we should be worried about, not how many new schools we need to build.

Someone needs to stand up for our children, also. They are just as deserving as all the other students in this school system. Let’s push them out of the district so we do not have to be responsible for them. And it’s OK, because as long as we live here, we still have to pay school taxes for this area. What a bunch of bull.

The country is like it is because the people that run everything are in it for the money. I am a very disappointed mother.

Maryann Hillen,

Connellsville, e-mail

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