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This just in! Al Gore says the devastating Myanmar cyclone was a “consequence” of global warming. Free marketeers that we are, we suggest someone start selling Al Gore “offsets.” … The folks at Disney World say that, despite the economy’s struggles, its theme park business remains robust. If ever there were a need for fantasy and escape, eh• … Speaking of escapes , the new, fourth version of the violent video game Grand Theft Auto racked up first-week sales of $500 million. And some people worry about what we spend on political campaigns. … UPI reports that U.S. officials “are being advised … to avoid referring publicly to al-Qaida and other terrorist groups as Islamic or Muslim and not to use terms like jihad or mujahedeen, which ‘unintentionally legitimize’ terrorism.” Might we suggest instead simply relying on the term “butchers”• … New York City smokers will be paying $9 per pack of cigarettes come July 1, what with all the taxes, reports The Wall Street Journal. And what’s this fueling• Why, organized crime smuggling, of course. Actions always have consequences but government seldom has the brains to understand them.

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