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Odd rationale: The Wall Street Journal says the International Trade Commission employed a “strange bit of economic logic” in its report on the effects of steel tariffs on domestic, steel-consuming industries. The ITC argues that the $680 million in damage to the American private sector is nearly offset by the $650 million in “new” revenue that Uncle Sam gained from the tariffs. “(B)ecause the government got richer, we’re not supposed to worry about the competitive hit these companies have taken.” That, The Journal reminds, is “the same logic Democrats use to assail the Bush income-tax cuts.” Touche.

No wear guarantee: Political savant Dick Morris predicts that Gen. Wesley Clark “will not wear well” as a presidential candidate. Mr. Morris says Mr. Clark’s “early gaffes show his inexperience,” and the “initial enthusiasm for his candidacy really came from Europe, where this general who opposes war is the kind of guy only the elites of Paris can truly love. The only primary he has locked up is Democrats abroad.” Ouch.

Pecking order: Fleetwood Mac songstress/temptress Stevie Nicks tells Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper that the infamous Madonna-Britney Spears kiss was the “most obnoxious moment in television history.” How’s that• Madonna “is too old to be kissing someone who is 22,” Ms. Nicks said. Silly us, we thought she meant something else.

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