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Dear families of South Fayette School District:

While I believe the district is a fantastic place to send my children, I am disappointed in the early closure of the entire district on Nov. 21 for a football game.

Should the kids have gotten to play in the game? Absolutely! However, this is a school district first and foremost, not a football factory.

The idea that 2,400 children in grades kindergarten through 12, the majority of whom have no connection to the team, missed nearly three hours of academic time so 60 kids could play a game is ridiculous. Why was my child’s education less important than Johnny Football Player’s game?

Please remember that a very small minority of children play high school football, but every child comes to school to learn. We already celebrate athletic accomplishments with signs all over the area while ignoring academic achievements. Why must sports continually come first?

What about siblings who wanted to go to the game? Their parents could have decided the game was more important than school and made arrangements.

How can teachers attend staff meetings and in-service presentations stressing the importance of educational time when the administration believes a game is more important than learning? Also, every parent-teacher conference about the importance of academics will ring hollow because the administration will cancel classes at the drop of a hat if a trophy is on the line.

Mike Rowe

South Fayette

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