Turkey season brings safety reminder |

Turkey season brings safety reminder

With fall turkey season here, Pennsylvania’s chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is reminding hunters about the need to be safe in the woods.

It’s true that hunting accidents are less numerous than they were a decade ago, and those involving turkey hunters are less common in fall than spring.

The group attributed that to two factors, with one being ongoing education efforts. Declining participation in fall turkey hunting “is another part of the equation,” the group said. The number of fall turkey hunters has declined from more than 250,000 in 1991 to fewer than 150,000 today.

“Careful analysis of turkey hunting-related shooting incidents reveals that hunter density (the number of hunters per square mile of turkey habitat) affects incident rates. When hunter numbers decline as they have for fall turkey hunting, incident rates also trend downward,” the group said.

All of that said, hunters need to focus on safety, the group said. There are consequences –‚ death or injury, insurance claims, litigation, fines and imprisonment, and more — for those who don’t

“Every hunter must understand that being involved in a hunting-related shooting incident is serious business. The lives of the shooter and the victim are changed forever,” reads a statement from the chapter.

“Don’t think for a minute that you could not make a mistake. Be careful, hunt defensively, handle every firearm as if it were loaded, make certain of your target and what is beyond. Follow all the common sense rules of firearm safety.”

Dam removal

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and some other partners are removing a 70-year-old dam on Little Mahoning Creek.

Removal of the 100-foot Savan Dam in Grant Township, Indiana County, will “restore the natural flow of Little Mahoning Creek and create a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic life,” according to the conservancy.

The conservancy will work with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission staff to create wildlife habitat in the newly restored section of the stream after the channel has taken its natural course.

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