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Regarding George F. Will’s column “Is economic equality a moral imperative?” : No comment can more accurately reveal the ignorance the D.C. elite has regarding life outside the Washington salons than that one of the facets that fuels America’s inequality is: “First, the entitlement state exists primarily to transfer wealth regressively, from the working age population to the retired elderly who, after a lifetime of accumulation, are the wealthiest age cohort.”

Retired wealthy cohort? Really? Perhaps there is a group that fits this opinion, but if Mr. Will would take a trip to Realityville, he wouldn’t find the majority of retirees frolicking with the money accumulated from their savings, which are still growing at pennies-per-month bank interest, but a majority struggling just to be comfortable and make ends meet.

George also seems to accept Harry G. Frankfurt’s doctrine that the moral imperative is that everyone should have enough. This is a plank of the 1889 Founding Congress of the Second International Workingmen’s Association (the birth of international socialism).

Trouble is, now as then, no one can define how much is enough. Will’s opinion on this, as with many others of his on life outside of Washington, is wrong.

William R. Casey

West Mifflin

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