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The New York Times blames the lowest national voter turnout in 72 years on “apathy, anger and frustration at the relentlessly negative tone of the campaigns.” So, in typical “progressive” fashion, it suggests one of the cures would be even more liberalized voting rules that would invite the kind of fraud that “progressives” obviously need to prevail. … Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has endorsed a constitutional convention to rein in the power of the federal government. And while it sounds attractive, the prospective GOP presidential candidate and other supporters must realize that once the constitutional convention genie is out of the bottle, those with less-than-conservative intentions could do grave damage to our national charter. … The Piketty-Saez study on income inequality continues to receive lots of attention. It claims that between 1979 and 2007, the poorest Americans saw a 33 percent decline in income, that the “working class” saw a mere 0.7 percent increase in income and that middle-class incomes rose by a mere 2.2 percent. But as a new study in the Southern Economic Journal concludes (as detailed in a Wall Street Journal commentary), the Piketty-Saez study used incomplete data. And when all the data are considered, the numbers were, respectively, income increases of 31, 32 and 37 percent. Which changes the picture, markedly, when it comes to discussions of “income inequality.”

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