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“It ain’t over till it’s over,” late New York Yankees great Yogi Berra supposedly said. And though it’s true the primary election season has another six weeks to go, the races for the Republican and Democrat nominations for president essentially ended Tuesday in Pennsylvania and four other eastern states.

Hillary Clinton didn’t sweep the day but her four wins were enough to force rival Bernie Sanders to effectively concede the Democrat nomination. He more than intimated that he’s staying in the race only to secure as many delegates as possible to strengthen his role at this summer’s Philadelphia convention.

Donald Trump claimed the mantle of “presumptive” Republican nominee with stunning vote ratios that only can be seen as an open, if not angry, voter rebuke of rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. To wit, it appears by one accounting that Mr. Trump has secured commitments from two-thirds of Pennsylvania’s unbound delegates.

Some political cypherists calculate that Trump could win the nomination outright should his steamroller roll on in Indiana next week and in California in June. Messrs. Cruz (even with his Hail Carly Fiorina running mate selection Wednesday) and Kasich would become asterisks. And the donnybrook that was to be the Cleveland convention could end up as a far more placid brook.

Mrs. Clinton and Trump appropriately have begun their pivot toward the general election. As shall we.

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