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Leave it to a group that’s supposedly concerned about voters’ “disenfranchisement” to advance an ill-advised cause that directly enables voter fraud.

The commonsense move by some states to clean up their voter rolls before the presidential election is being contested by the Advancement Project, a civil rights advocacy organization. It claims up to 10 million Hispanic voters will be disenfranchised because of “discriminatory voting policies” — that is, reviewing state and federal records and eliminating noncitizens from state rolls.

The Advancement Project is crying “Foul!” because these efforts “disproportionately impact … Latino citizens.” Yes, they do, when the majority of illegal aliens (and folks who are not yet legalized American citizens) tend to be Hispanic.

Under the Advancement argument, states should not remove noncitizens — even those who break federal law by illegally registering to vote.

It’s also argued that legitimate voters mistakenly are removed in these purges. Except none of the states reviewing voter rolls will remove anyone without first sending a written notice, The Heritage Foundation reminds. And even if their names are removed, those people are still allowed to cast provisional ballots.

The need for states to periodically update their voter rolls trumps the “cause” to keep noncitizens, and even dead people, on them.

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