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Score one for the vindication of voter-identification laws over their vilification by politicos with suspicious purposes: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — not exactly known for its conservative bent — has upheld Arizona’s voter ID law.

That’s a shot across the bow for the U.S. Justice Department and its crusade against voter ID laws, which 30 states (including Pennsylvania) will enforce come November. Justice has blocked an ID law in Texas and a state judge has enjoined a similar law in Wisconsin.

The arguments against voter ID laws and, supposedly, voters’ “disenfranchisement” simply don’t hold up.

As Judge Sandra Ikuta writes for the court, Arizona’s “photo identification requirement is not an invidious restriction,” nor does it trample the 14th Amendment’s equal-protection clause.

But voter fraud is a fact, evidenced by the crooks convicted of it.

Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit ruled against Arizona’s mandate that requires people to prove their citizenship in order to vote — a measure intended to stop illegal aliens from voting. That issue likely will end up before the U.S. Supreme Court, says Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who plans to appeal.

And so the fight goes on to protect and ensure the integrity of Americans’ votes.

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