Laurels & lances: Perfection, Parkway, Pittsburgh Dad and payment |

Laurels & lances: Perfection, Parkway, Pittsburgh Dad and payment

Courtesy of Olivia Fertig
Olivia Grace Fertig, 18, of Tarentum posted this unaltered photo of herself to her Instagram page and was chosen to participate in CVS’s “Sans Retouching” Campaign, which promotes transparency in beauty advertising.

Laurel: To Olivia Grace Fertig for keeping it real. The Highlands High School senior has a following of thousands on her social media accounts, but unlike many “influencers” and celebrities who keep their fans with a Photoshop view of a life with perfect skin and perfect hair and perfectly fake perfection, Fertig was selected by CVS to promote the retailer’s “Sans Retouching” campaign because of the honesty and genuineness of the pictures she shows.

Fertig is a girl with a beautiful message that has nothing to do with something you find at the bottom of a makeup bottle. It’s all about appreciation, and that’s perfect without being filtered.

Lance: To the Parkway. East or West, it doesn’t matter. The Parkway is frequently more parking lot that highway, and locals aren’t the only ones who realize that. A recent study of roads nationwide ranked the stretch of Interstate 376 as the fifth most congested roadway in the United States.

Color us shocked. Anyone who has spent time just close enough to see one of the tunnels but not get to it, or near enough to an exit to consider going off-road to get there, will not be surprised to find out that drivers who spend time on the Parkway daily can waste 72 hours a year in delayed traffic.

Laurel: To Keith Wootton . He may not have realized it when son Curt was growing up, but he gave Southwestern Pennsylvanians (and “Stillers” fans everywhere) a cultural touchstone. Wootton was the model for his son’s “Pittsburgh Dad” YouTube character, and as such, he was the dad we all kind of knew, whether we recognized him in the guy sitting in the recliner in the living room or in ourselves.

“He was, and always will be, the show’s biggest fan,” Curt Wootton wrote on Facebook.

Keith Wootton died Wednesday.

Lance: To life or death choices that aren’t choices at all. Brittany Eckert of East Deer thought a rare uterine cancer was the worst news she could get. But she found a doctor that knew what was happening and has had a few years of treatment and care that gave her hope.

Now UPMC says she has to change her insurance to keep seeing that doctor because her husband’s employer provides Highmark coverage.

“There is no feasible way for us to afford to pay for that secondary insurance to see these doctors,” Eckert said.

That’s not a health care decision. That’s ransom.