Letter to the editor: Citizens ‘did built that’ |
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Letter to the editor: Citizens ‘did built that’

Regarding Thomas C. Spallone’s letter “Cosmic luck” (Jan. 18, TribLIVE): Tom, our good fortune to have been born in America had little to do with random cosmic luck. We should remain extremely grateful that our parents were pro-lifers, which had an awful lot to do with our having been born at all.

As for most of the security we enjoy as not being a product of our hard work, and as for our having done nothing to earn the basic skills, instincts and safety that allow us to thrive: Is that by any chance in reference to the “you didn’t build that” phrase from Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign speech?

The citizens of this great nation, whether by birth or naturalization, are where and what they are through the sum of the work and sacrifice of forefathers and of their own making. They did build that. Good cosmic fortune had nothing to do with it. A free ride did not accompany it.

Ken Mowl