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While President Trump reopened the government and a committee is trying to broker an agreement, it is critical that compromise is reached. But current reports state that Trump still wants $5.7 billion for the wall. Speaker Nancy Pelosi still says there will be no wall. This reflects the very extremes of the political spectrum.

However, our Constitution was founded on compromise because the people who wrote it were just as passionate and just as bull-headed as Trump and Pelosi are. Pelosi should allow the wall to be built in critical areas, while Trump should agree to spend $3 billion on all measures dealing with border security and not just a wall.

If neither are open to compromise, then bad things will happen. Trump can shut down the government or declare a national emergency. Pelosi will undoubtedly ask the courts to intervene and overturn either action. The White House will have to prove an emergency exists with facts and not just rhetoric.

Meanwhile, what is Congress doing? They should unveil a comprehensive immigration plan to deal with current events and situations. If not, the voting public should be prepared to vote out every member up for re-election, including the president.

Richard Patton

Franklin Township, Beaver County

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