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Letter to the editor: Daft on the draft

I am writing to express in the strongest possible terms my disagreement with the conclusions expressed in Donald Boudreaux’s column ”Draft’s end most pro-freedom move of past 50 years” (Jan. 17, TribLIVE).

I read it because I couldn’t imagine why the military draft would be a newsworthy topic. It ended 40-some years ago, and I am unaware that reinstating the program is on anyone’s radar.

I have concluded that the author’s intention was to insult and undermine anyone who has served this country in uniform. He has labeled certain veterans draft slaves. Slaves!

This is offensive on countless levels. Western Pennsylvania’s youth have proudly gone to war in greater numbers than almost any other region of the U.S. This libertarian columnist says that they either were enslaved or acted as idiots by volunteering for military service. Why? Because they lost out on greater earnings that could have been achieved in the private sector.

This is the flawed thinking of an insensitive twerp who apparently feels that Arlington National Cemetery is populated by lost souls who were enslaved by the United States. And that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier contains the remains of a fool.

At any rate, that’s what I take from his writing.

I am also compelled to opine that by equating a few years in the military to slavery, Boudreaux has demonstrated disrespect that goes far beyond just the veteran community.

George A. Beidler