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Letter to the editor: Emotion vs. sense

Paid vacation, not soup lines, is what those affected by the government shutdown were engaged in. All will get back pay.

Surprise, a political party is obscuring truth with emotion for the purpose of power. Open borders, sanctuary cities, no photo IDs to vote, abortions all around, push God out of the public square — yet they claim to be “the good ones.”

Let’s address how far afield we are on just a small piece of their craziness, i.e. “no one is illegal.” Somewhere in your neighborhood is someone who is worse off than you. Why should we think it’s illegal for them to walk in your door? Better yet, you shouldn’t have a front door so they can gather and run in whenever they want.

Our country doesn’t have a front door, and one political party is falling all over itself to keep it that way, feeding us touchy-feely emotion instead of common-sense reality. Like every other issue, they wrap lies in emotion and tell us that we’re evil if we don’t go along with the perversion. That is the definition of political correctness.

Let’s insist on God’s honest truth in seeing right and wrong again and tell PC pushers where to go.

Daniel Robinson

West Deer