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I saw red when I read the editorial “Just do your job, government” (Dec. 20, TribLIVE), and it wasn’t because I had visions of Santa coming down the chimney. According to this editor, government’s job is to stay open in order to hand out checks to everyone and their brother. To our Founding Fathers, our Constitution was written to protect us citizens from an overly intrusive government.

I am sorry that our populace has been misled by our politicians, our media and educational establishment to believe otherwise, but our country has not become the nation it is by accident or by immigrants, but because we have such a Constitution that most every country tries to emulate. This is the No. 1 country that most people would choose, because of our high standard of living, opportunity to succeed and enviable freedoms. As much as we would like, we cannot take everyone, especially because within this group are many people who want to cause us harm, through drugs, crime, sex trafficking, etc.

The main function of the federal government was never to provide a safety net for its own citizens, let alone the whole world, but to protect us from threats, foreign and domestic, and to swear allegiance to preserving our Constitution, which guarantees our freedoms and rights.

By allowing unfettered immigration, by not building a wall, we are not protecting the citizens of this country who elected Donald Trump as president primarily because of his immigration stance and his support of conservative judges who would support the Constitution — not illegal immigration.

Michael Contes

New Kensington

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