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After the news of the gun rally in downtown Pittsburgh and Mayor Bill Peduto’s plan to create his own staunch “gun control” policies, I have to wonder why there is a constant attack on guns. I understand they can kill, but so could any blunt or sharp object in the correct human hands.

Gun ownership is written into the constitutions of this nation and this commonwealth. It is the right of the people to own guns. There should be no further discussion.

There are control measures on the books for guns. The people seemed to have allowed them, but how far are policy creators willing to go? The mirage of “gun violence” strategically used by politicians is a red herring to stir up the party lines. The deliberate attack on arms is a basic affront to the rights of the American people, but somehow in some places, an assault on our rights is a career-building tool.

It is unjust to demand that people unarm themselves because of criminals and the irrational belief that bans will produce a murder-less, violence-less, peaceful utopia. The rights of the people should not be divisive; they should be our glue of unity.

The faces of leadership today dance these sock puppets in our faces, and we become inflamed, but will we stop to actually recognize what has inflamed us? Will we ever acknowledge that your right and means to protect yourself is what is causing the upset?

Antoine Pearson

North Side

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