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Letter to the editor: Honored to serve

Donald Boudreaux is probably a fine economist, and I side with his views most of the time. However, his lauding of the end of the draft based on economic reasons is so very far off base ( ”Draft’s end most pro-freedom move of past 50 years,” Jan. 17, TribLIVE). I’ll dare him to equate patriotism and love of country with making money. Has he not a drop of patriotism in him which transcends these ivory-tower considerations? 

I take the opposite view and think that all citizens should be “drafted” into at least one year of service to country in a venue of their choice, whether it is military or social work. Is this “slavery”? I think not. Rather, it is looking beyond self to serve our beloved country and the people who live in it.

I must admit that I was not always smiling when I was in the military, but I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to serve. I never thought of myself as a slave but rather as a protector of our country, and I’m sure my fellow brother and sister veterans feel the same way.

James A. Bernauer