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Letter to the editor: How to end shutdown

If all the people who want to build Trump’s wall were to contribute $50,000 or $100,000 to the GoFundMe account to build the wall, there would be more than enough money to build it. After all, they saved tens of thousands of dollars in taxes from the great tax cut Trump gave them. But if they already spent that money on a new yacht or BMW, then they could do what the federal workers who were laid off or not getting paid were told to do: Hold a garage sale, drive for Uber or start a dog-walking service. They could earn $100,000 in no time.

Trump’s supporters can help to keep the evil Mexicans from swarming into our country and taking all the good jobs — picking fruits and vegetables, washing dishes, mowing grass and all the other great positions Americans desire. Who wouldn’t want to work hard for minimum wage?

As for me, I must try and save my money because I didn’t get a big tax break, and my IRA lost money due to Trump’s trade wars with foreign countries.

So, all you Trump supporters out there, dig deep and save our country from the impending doom that awaits us if Trump’s disastrous wall is not built.

Joe Palumbo