Letter to the editor: Humans behind guns the problem |
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Letter to the editor: Humans behind guns the problem

Regarding the editorial “Voices heard at gun control hearing?” (Jan. 25, TribLIVE): I know Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and other Democrats would like to rid Pittsburgh of guns. A gun is worthless without a human “behind it.” I have yet to see a gun kill anyone without someone pulling the trigger or accidentally dropping it, causing it to go off.

Guns are not Peduto’s problem, but “sanctuary city” might be “behind it.” The more illegals and criminals, the more guns — but a gun can’t kill without a human “behind it.” Peduto, why don’t you outlaw humans? Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? So does saying worthless guns can kill. No humans, no killing.

Most killings in Pittsburgh are done by doctors with knives in their hands — a human “behind it.” Peduto, if you really want to save lives, outlaw Roe v. Wade. But like the gun, the knife is worthless without you and the Democrats “behind it.”

Joseph Tubbs