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Letter to the editor: Impeach Pelosi

In case you haven’t noticed, the Democratic party, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, has become the party of hate. While neither live in a walled mansion, both enjoy tight security provided by doormen, security guards, electronic devices, etc. Yet Pelosi says “walls are immoral.”

Apparently, these so-called “leaders” are convinced that their voters are so stupid that they will believe anything they tell them. Are you that stupid, Democrats?

Are you aware that our open border is the cause of 90 percent of all illegal drug trafficking? Whether illegal drugs are smuggled through ports of entry or over the open border makes no difference: Drugs are easily brought through ports of entry because the border patrol does not have enough resources to both man the open borders and the ports.

Are you aware that drug overdoses are the largest cause of death in America? Nearly 50,000 Americans die every year from illegal drugs.

Are you aware that thousands of young women are forced into the sex trade every year because of illegal immigration?

Are you aware that it costs America an estimated $135 billion per year to house, feed and care for illegals?

Pelosi’s hatred of President Trump is all-consuming. She refuses to provide even one penny for border wall construction, regardless of whether Trump offers a deal on DACA or any immigration reform, or even offers to reopen the government.

Democrats, you need to impeach Pelosi. Her hatred of one person is putting the future of your children and grandchildren in grave danger.

Bob Jacobs