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Letter to the editor: No comparison with Berlin Wall

The letter “Reagan, Trump — one great, one a disgrace” (Jan. 31, TribLIVE) requires a response.

To compare the Berlin Wall to the proposed “Trump Wall” is absolutely ludicrous. The Berlin Wall was a political division of a sovereign country. The only comparison would be a wall extending from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, splitting the USA, That’s what happened in Germany. The Berlin Wall was not a “border wall,” as claimed by the author.

It is the right and duty of any sovereign nation to protect its borders from illegal entry. The Trump wall is part of that duty to protect our borders. Past administrations have failed to protect our borders for reasons that require a whole different conversation. We know why the left wants open borders — for the same reason they want voting rights for anyone and everyone.

I remind you that a U.S. citizen cannot enter Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, EU, Japan, China or anyplace else I can think of without going through a port of entry. We do have open borders in the USA. Any citizen can travel freely between the 50 states.

Robert Hawk

Donegal Township