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Letter to the editor: Outright xenophobia

Thank you for publishing Paul Gernhardt’s letter “Why build the wall?” (Jan. 22, TribLIVE). My kudos to him for being forthright with his racism. Most proponents of the wall at least try and obscure their xenophobia in order to achieve their political goals. Gernhardt came right out with “The most damaging cost to America is the change in its culture. Latin Americans are ending up in our political offices.”

This is a textbook case of saying the quiet part loud. Yes, these Latin Americans, including Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, are in fact Americans. Just as American as Gernhardt, which I’m sure must rankle him. There’s a shorthand term for this notion: It’s “white supremacy,” and it should be eradicated.

Gernhardt is correct in his assumption that “resistance is futile.” The future of American politics will be one of increased diversity, the wall will not be built and ICE can and shall be abolished.

David Bestor